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In Inner Awareness
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Spirit & Knowing

After an individual has healed his or her emotions, thoughts, and body, then it is time to heal the inner spirit. Restoring the inner spirit is one element that makes Dr. Phil's self-healing method quite unique. Each time one corrects or improves a particular difficulty or problem, there is a strong healing of each person's inner spirit providing greater insight about the newly healed aspect of their life, & better understanding of the inner self. Realize that there are many different meanings to "spirit". In one sense spirit is a person's enthusiasm & zest for life. After healing there is a renewed desire to experience & enjoy all aspects of life. Spirit also has to do with our awareness of our higher self, our spiritual reality, our limitless perceptions, and to some, our knowledge beyond the physical. The spiritual aspects of self-healing also has to do with understanding the natural healing capability that is always present and always accessible to our inner mind.

With Self-healing in inner awareness, each person develops a better understanding of their deepest spiritual life. Personal experiences are understood in a broad & helpful life perspective. Individuals are able to discover more about their real purpose in life. They can also discover the spiritual meaning of the difficulties & issues that they have endured. Each person learns how to confront and handle difficult issues, situations, & people in their lives. The individual can discover why he/she is having recurrent problems in their life, continuously making all the same mistakes, or getting into unsuccessful relationships over & over again. Each person develops a deep spiritual understanding and knowledge of these difficulties, their causes, and ascertains the most suitable practical & spiritual solutions. By overcoming the discomfort of the past, they are also able to discover how to remain healed, and understand how to spiritually thrive in life despite its challenging circumstances. One also learns that how we handle difficulties in life is much more important than the actual events themselves.

Clearly, knowledge of one's inner spirit is essential for complete healing, and comprehensive spiritual insight & understanding is an integral component of the doctor's self-healing in inner awareness.

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