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In Inner Awareness
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Innovative Self-Healing

Let’s review the characteristics & components of Self-Healing In Inner Awareness. As you do, realize that there is nothing else out there that accomplishes what Self-healing In Inner Awareness is designed to accomplish - nothing even comes close.

Advantages & Benefits of Healing In Inner Awareness:

-This is a process of “comprehensive” personal transformation, self- improvement and complete self-healing. In addition to those things you already may wish to change, the inner mind also discovers everything inside you that needs to be healed and improved; nothing is omitted. -The inner mind immediately learns and remembers all the steps and procedures of self-healing. Then the inner mind does all of the healing and self-improvement completely on its own. Complete healing of all inner, personal and physical difficulties is done while asleep or in a deep relaxation. -Every part of the inner mind is utilized so healing occurs at all levels of awareness. Healing is permanent and pervasive. -Healing is rapid and comfortable. Feelings of inner calm, deep healing, improved inner awareness, and increased self-confidence are quickly developed. -Healing continues unabated until “all” inner difficulties, personal issues and physical disorders have been significantly improved, corrected, and healed. You are able to monitor your own progress, and you will know when all healing has been accomplished. -There is never a need to discuss the details of one’s most personal difficulties with a doctor or therapist. -One does not have to reexperience severe personal trauma, or know again about events that have been completely forgotten, yet all such difficulties are completely healed. -Broad life understandings are developed bringing greater insight and self-knowledge. Both the practical and the spiritual understanding & guidance that you need at this time in your life will come to you through the higher awareness of the inner mind. -Self-healing improves and heals difficulties that are sometimes undetected, overlooked, omitted, or left untreated by most traditional, alternative, and integrated techniques. -Healing removes stress & tension- both past & present. Self-healing balances & harmonizes your life- your feelings, your thoughts, & your body, and self-healing invigorates your spirit by creating enthusiasm for life. -Supplemental self-healing methods, used after healing is accomplished, allow for continued personal transformation to meet changing life circumstances, to remain healthy, and to keep each person’s inner life in a harmonious state in the future.

Without question, self-healing is the one comprehensive method of personal transformation and healing that truly works. It provides more benefit than all the other alternative methods combined. Self-healing in inner awareness helps to effectively heal your mind, body, feelings, and spirit. It allows you to discover and then effectively heal any unrecognized inner stress and disharmony which has been preventing you from having the life you desire. As already mentioned, you will use the deepest resources of your mind to alleviate troubled feelings, thoughts, memories, and beliefs, and the deep emotional & physical stress associated with them. This inner healing will help to overcome illness & eliminate physical disorders, enhance your overall health, restore emotional calm and balance, eliminate worry and troubled memories, participate more enthusiastically in life, & develop a meaningful spiritual life. Individuals also learn to practice effective self-nurturing in order to maintain mental & spiritual well-being for the rest of their lives. Unquestionably this is the most comprehensive self-healing and self-transformational methods ever developed.

And so again, to all of you who wish to make wonderful personal changes that are far beyond what you have ever imagined, we offer our heartfelt - Welcome!

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