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In Inner Awareness
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Innovative Self-Healing

Maintaining our physical & emotional health is ultimately our own personal responsibility. Complete healing (Mind, Body, Feelings & Spirit) can only be done by the individual. Since we alone are ultimately responsible for our physical health & emotional wellness, we must never expect or allow others to assume that crucial obligation. Self-healing in inner awareness utilizes a great many transformational tools, but you will not be undergoing a treatment. Dr. Kearney's self-healing in inner awareness has been developed to such a level that everyone learns the process of healing themselves. Self-healing in inner awareness is based on new knowledge about the inner mind, and about natural inner healing. Using all the parts of the mind, and a method that enhances the natural ability to heal that is built into each person's mind, you will readily develop the capacity to heal. You will learn the healing concepts and procedures while in deep relaxation at home. You will also do your self-healing in inner awareness while at home. What is so great about this method is that the inner mind does the healing while you are deeply asleep at night. Self-healing in inner awareness while asleep is the most comfortable method of healing ever devised and it is more effective than other healing modalities. You then see the doctor to carefully monitor & discuss your progress as each of your problems and issues has been remediated. Self-healing in inner awareness allows you to calmly & quickly improve and eliminate even your most troubling personal difficulties. Self-healing also helps you to change your habits, your behavior, your inner motivation, your thoughts, your responses to life challenges, and even your basic personality characteristics. Also deep relaxation can be used for personal transformaions, self-improvement and all sorts of skill, talent and performance enhancement.

Afterward, you will learn additional self-healing methods to prevent stress, to promote natural & comfortable emotional expression, to immediately locate & remove emotional discomforts within the body, to continually give yourself positive inner motivation. The subconscious mind is also used to locate stressful energy turbulence that promotes physical illness, & then heal those particular difficulties that are continually depleting the natural vital energy of the body. These methods promote continual emotional harmony and abundant physical health.

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