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In Inner Awareness
Achieving Emotional Harmony
Alleviating Physical Disorders
Relieving Stress By Preventing Stress
Women's Innate Physical Wisdom
Healing After Abuse, Rape & Other Trauma
Creating Wonderful Personal Change
Restoring & Enhancing Natural Sexuality
Enhancing Eyes & Vision
Enjoying Self-Healing
Spirit & Knowing
Innovative Self-Healing
Enjoying Self-Healing

For those who have no experience with self-healing in inner awareness, you will learn more about its nature and many of its applications. There are detailed explanations of the components of the mind, and new discoveries about their many functions. There's an explanation of the difference between the various types of healing therapists, and most importantly, there's a discussion of the effectiveness of self-healing as compared to various types of traditional therapies. You will discover that many types of self-healing are not what you have seen in the movies or on television. You will also understand what it's like to be in deep relaxation and how you will learn about healing during your first few visits to the doctor.

Perhaps you'd be surprised to know that most people, on their own, enter mild states of deep relaxation all the time. Did you know that, many times while you are driving your car, with your conscious mind in deep concentration, you naturally enter a mild state of deep relaxation & reduced awareness , & get to your destination without remembering the actual process of how you drove there? Understand that any person can go into deep relaxation, it's entirely your choice- all you have to do is "want to do it", and you'll easily enter & enjoy the very calm & soothing state of deep relaxation. You'll also learn that self-healing activates & utilizes the inner resources of your mind to make important changes in your present life by improving your inner motivation & strengthening your will power.

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