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In Inner Awareness
Achieving Emotional Harmony
Alleviating Physical Disorders
Relieving Stress By Preventing Stress
Women's Innate Physical Wisdom
Healing After Abuse, Rape & Other Trauma
Creating Wonderful Personal Change
Restoring & Enhancing Natural Sexuality
Enhancing Eyes & Vision
Enjoying Self-Healing
Spirit & Knowing
Innovative Self-Healing
Creating Wonderful Personal Change

Self-healing in inner awareness is often used so that individuals can improve their personal skills and abilities. These personal improvements include just about any conceivable changes. Personal improvement is accomplished by removing any mental blocks or emotional inhibitions to success. Doubts & worries are eliminated while self-regard is enhanced. The process enables one to enhance their performance in any area of accomplishment. An individual may wish to improve athletic abilities, on the job performance, speaking skills, memory, creativity, sales & selling ability, mental alacrity, artistic or musical talent, building personal relationships, and much more. Self-healing is also utilized to dissolve away any doubts, fears, and negativity which brings about greater self-confidence & elevated self-esteem. As these worthwhile changes are incorporated into your inner programming, you will flourish amidst life's arduous challenges.

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