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Now Available - The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set!

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is a new and proven method of Self-Healing. It is so effective that it improves "everything" inside of you, and "everything" about you, that is causing you discomfort, or interfering with your life. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness enhances your mind's natural healing abilities so you are able to successfully heal your innermost difficulties and discomforts, whether emotional, mental, or physical. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness allows you to heal much more that you've ever expected to heal.

The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set
Twelve Audio Sessions and a Comprehensive Healing Manual that will change your life.
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Enhance Your Natural Healing Abilities

  • Heal uncomfortable feelings, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.
  • Quiet troubled thoughts, constant worry, and persistent fears.
  • Calm and then extinguish painful memories.
  • Significantly improve, correct, and heal physical illnesses, even illnesses that have been unresponsive in the past, or illnesses that no one expects to be improved.
  • Helps women with persistent or unresolved feminine disorders.
  • Remove obsessive and compulsive thoughts and behaviors.
  • Heal emotional pain stemming from abuse, trauma, and divorce.
  • Fully eliminate post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Completely remove the troubled influences of the past.
  • Restore your self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Eliminate and change inhibiting attitudes and perceptions like helplessness, hopelessness, and giving up on your life.
  • Heal, restore and enhance relationships.
  • Eliminate both long-standing and ongoing stress.
  • Uncover and heal the innermost causes of your difficulties.
  • Develop practical and spiritual insights and understandings to enrich your life.

You will heal everything you need to heal, both past and present! Nothing is omitted!

A Major Advancement In Healing

What makes Self-Healing In Inner Awareness so effective? Well, Self-Healing In Inner Awareness was developed from Dr. Phil Kearney's years of innovate mind-healing research. For the first time ever, use the mind's natural healing abilities. Use the natural sequence of healing of the inner mind, and readily uncover the root causes of your inner problems. Our lives today are often filled with so much difficulty that our mind's natural healing abilities can be overwhelmed by too much stress and aggravation. There's sometimes too much for our mind to heal. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness corrects this problem. Self-healing will improve your natural healing abilities so the mind can now heal your most complex emotional, mental and physical difficulties. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is done by the inner mind while you are asleep each night using your mind's natural step by step sequence of healing. It's the only complete method of self-healing that can be fully accomplished while you sleep, and it is the most comfortable form of healing ever devised. Self-healing In Inner Awareness brings about thorough and permanent healing. It is the first comprehensive method of healing that individuals can do "completely on their own". Continuous nightly healing brings improvement quickly and comfortably. Healing continues until all inner difficulties are improved, corrected, and healed.

The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set
Twelve Audio Sessions and a Comprehensive Healing Manual that will change your life.
Now Available at Special Introductory PricingGet your CD Set Now!

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Unique and Exclusive Benefits Of Self-Healing In Inner Awareness
  • Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is a complete and thorough process of personal transggation, self-improvement and self-healing. "Everything" inside of you that needs to be healed and improved is remediated.
  • The inner mind quickly learns the process of self-healing and does all of the healing completely on its own.
  • Complete healing of all inner, personal and physical difficulties is done by the inner mind each night while you sleep.
  • Healing is rapid so feelings of inner calm, deep healing, and increased self-confidence are quickly developed.
  • Healing continues unabated until "all" inner difficulties, personal issues, illnesses and physical disorders have been significantly improved, corrected, and healed.
  • You are able to monitor your own progress, and know when overall healing has been accomplished.
  • Your mind discovers how to heal issues and difficulties that would otherwise require therapy and counseling.
  • There is never a need to discuss the details of one's most personal difficulties with a doctor or therapist.
  • One does not have to re-experience severe personal trauma, or uncover forgotten and repressed memories. Yet all such discomforts are completely healed.
  • Creates the proper mental and emotional circumstances so individuals can eliminate or significantly reduce their "mood" medications under professional supervision.
  • Broad life understandings are developed bringing both the practical guidance and the spiritual understanding that you need at this time in your life.
  • Self-healing is also a complementary health care method that can greatly enhance the effects of standard medical treatments, therapy and surgery.
  • Self-healing improves and heals difficulties that are frequently overlooked, or left untreated, by traditional, alternative, and integrated methods.
  • Healing removes inner stress and tension both past and present.
  • Self-healing is used to bring about continued personal transformation to meet changing life circumstances, to remain healthy, and to keep one's inner life in a harmonious state all through the future.
  • Self-healing is used by adults as well as teens.
12 Sessions On 10 CDs To Propell You Into A Calm, Healthy, And Joyful Life

The entire Self-Healing program is now available on a 10 CD set which contains 12 instructional sessions, and an extensive instructional booklet and healing guide. The instructional sessions on the CD's are:

  1. Introduction - outlines and explains the process of Self-Healing In Inner Awareness
  2. Experiencing Relaxation - creates a state of deep relaxation and instills learning instructions.
  3. Learning Deep Relaxation - teaches you about Deep Relaxation, a unique form of daily relaxation and a powerful adjunct to healing.
  4. Healing Instruction - learn the healing concepts and the overall healing sequence.
  5. Healing Instruction - discover the healing functions of the inner mind, and the causes of our inner discomforts.
  6. Healing Instruction - learn how to find those inner things that you are going to heal and how to initiate healing.
  7. Healing Instruction - find out how to heal each of the elements that are causing our inner difficulties.
  8. Healing Instruction - learn to remove all of the uncomfortable and damaging energy stored inside of us.
  9. Healing Instruction - acquire the practical and spiritual knowledge that facilitiates healing.
  10. Healing Instruction - completely and thoroughly heal both the past and the present.
  11. Step By Step Healing - teaches the concise step by step healing sequence used by the inner mind for each healing session.
  12. Guided Deep Relaxation - guides the individual through a very enjoyable daily Deep Relaxation session.
  13. Progress Evaluation - allows each person to check their healing progress on a regular basis.

The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set
Twelve Audio Sessions and a Comprehensive Healing Manual that will change your life.
Now Available at Special Introductory PricingGet your CD Set Now!

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Eliminate Troubled Feelings

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness removes all of the deep inner causes of one's troubled feelings. It is the most effective method available to restore emotional harmony. Healing effectively eliminates depression, anxiety, panic attacks, anger, guilt, and self-regret. A person can also heal the painful feelings caused by separation, divorce, infidelity, and relationship conflicts. Or an individual can remove the sorrow and remorse of unexpected tragedy and personal loss. One can eliminate feelings of dejection and hopelessness. Once all of a person's unpleasant feelings are healed, then emotional harmony is restored so that you will once again experience pleasant emotions, joyful feelings, inner tranquility and emotional calm. All of your emotional and cognitive inner healing is accomplished without mood medications.

Calm Your Thoughts and Mind

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness restores an individual's mental calm by eliminating troubling thoughts, fears, constant worry, and a restless mind. Self-healing quiets and then extinguishes painful memories, traumatic flashbacks, and disturbing dreams. It eliminates disturbing and inhibiting attitudes, self-doubts, self-criticism, negative body image, self-regret, and expectations of failure. You will develop the inner resources you need to successfully confront and triumph over life's difficulties. This enables you to prevent hopeless attitudes, thoughts of self-destruction, and withdrawal from daily life. You'll develop new strength and courage, strong self-esteem, robust self-confidence, and deep personal pride. This creates a positive self-image, and enthusiastic self-expectations so you can experience calm, peaceful thoughts, and mental tranquility.

Effectively Heal Abuse and Trauma

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is a milestone in the process of recovery. Each person completely and calmly heals the effects of abuse and past trauma, and does so without months or years of therapy. Self-healing permits recovery from all forms and sources of abuse including physical abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, neglect and abandonment, and clergy abuse. Healing occurs no matter when the abuse took place, or who committed the abuse, the severity of the abuse, or how long the abuse persisted. Besides abuse, Self-healing also relieves the emotional turmoil and mental discomfort experienced by those who have gone through other painful and traumatic events in their life. These discomforts, and post-traumatic stress disorder, can be comfortably healed and eliminated by the inner mind while the person is asleep. There is never a need to either relive, or talk about, the painful events in the past. Once permanent healing has occurred, the individual is able to resume a happy and productive life.

Self-Healing Restores Health and Wellness

Healing a physical illness means much more than just treating your body with drugs, undergoing surgical repairs, and eliminating harmful germs and viruses. Good health can only be fully restored when you also eliminate the troubled inner elements that make you susceptible to illness. Healing must remove uncomfortable feelings, troubled thoughts, limiting beliefs, hopleless attitudes, and a discouraged inner spirit, all of which damage the immune system and permit the development of severe, recurring, or persistent illnesses. Healing the underlying turbulent elements within the mind and body helps create healthy immune, biochemical, and subtle energy systems in our body. So to fully heal physically, you should use Self-Healing In Inner Awareness to heal all the deep, non-medical elements that continually harm your body. Self-healing is therefore a complementary health care method that can greatly enhance the effects of standard medical treatments, therapy and surgery. This new and thorough method of healing helps one recover from many illnesses. This includes irritable bowel syndrome, unremitting body pain, chronic headaches, piercing migraines, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, stress induced illness, autoimmune disorders like arthritis and glaucoma, T.M.J., and more. One can also help psychosomatic illnesses and physical conditions unresponsive to traditional treatments. One can recover from inadequate or incomplete healing, or persistent pain after injury or surgery. You can help yourself heal conditions mistakenly labeled as hereditary, and illnesses of unknown origin. You can also eliminate the mental and emotional burdens of physical disabilities.

Womens' Health and Physical Discomforts

Self-healing helps women with persistent or unresolved feminine disorders, most of which have been proven to be related to unrecognized emotional stress, doubts, fears, uncomfortable memories, and relationship conflicts. One can heal recurring gynecological disorders, and continually irregular menstrual cycles. You can alleviate chronic pelvic pain, or eliminate severe PMS. A woman can resolve sexual difficulties, discomforts, inhibitions, troubled memories, and disruptive attitudes. The individual can recover more readily from cystic breasts and ovaries. A woman will restore comfort, joy, and confidence to troubled pregnancies. She can eliminate any unrecognized inner stress contributing to requent miscarriages, or persistent infertility, and more.

The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set
Twelve Audio Sessions and a Comprehensive Healing Manual that will change your life.
Now Available at Special Introductory PricingGet your CD Set Now!

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Compulsive Behavior

Self-healing is used to help remediate obsessive behavior, and compulsive attitudes that cause deep emotional discomfort and constant inner tension. Stress producing behavior includes constant perfectionism, being too controlling, always trying to please other people, incessantly caring for others while failing to nurture yourself, compulsive daily overactivity, compulsive shopping, failure to freely express one's emotions, and more. Self-healing also corrects the causes of compulsive behavior such as addicitve behavior, substance abuse, emotional overeating, obsessions with particular foods, anorexia, bulemia, and other eating disorders. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness helps you to be in control of your life, eliminate stress, restore emotional tranquility, and successfully confront the challenges you encounter.

Healing and Saving Couple's Relationships

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is a lot easier, far less expensive, and much more rewarding than separation, or divorce and custody battles. Self-healing is a wonderful method of doing inner healing, and then improving troubled relationships, a separation, infidelity, or an ongoing divorce. We strongly recommend that both partners do this self-healing. Healing improves the ease of communication between yourself and others. The troubling feelings and thoughts from the turbulent relationship heal and become quiet over time. Relationships can be healed even after decades of turmoil and is a wonderful way to begin relationships anew as you heal the troubles of the past and the present. Use Deep Relaxation frequently to experience healing energy to develop insights about the spiritual values of your life and relationships. Sometimes great strife and difficult conflicts in relationships are actually meaningful soul lessons for both partners. Be open to healing, eliminate the relationship difficulties, and learn the spiritual lessons.

Children and Family Harmony

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness helps children with their inner discomforts and difficulties. Since the child interacts with all family members, both parents and children must do self-healing and improve their relationships. Self-healing removes conflicts by eliminating the troubled feelings, thoughts, fears, attitudes, memories, doubts and perceptions that occur within family members. Self-healing re-establishes communication, and restores normal family interactions and harmony. Besides dealing with family discord, self-healing helps children and teens understand the difficulties occurring in their lives, cope with stress, build self-esteem and self-confidence, manage peer pressure, and learn to cope with their complex growth and development. Self-healing helps youngsters recover from the deep inner anguish, confusion, insecurity, and guilt that always occurs after parental separation or divorce. Self-healing helps calm the household, and eliminates parent-child conflicts. Healing prevents stress-related physical discomforts and illness, behavior problems, insecurity, anger and rage, nail biting, hair pulling, unreasonable defiance, frightening dreams, and excessive worry and fears. Unquestionably, Self-healing In Inner Awareness benefits young people greatly and helps restore family harmony.

Military Veterans

Dr. Phil Kearney served in the US Army for three years, 1966-1968, Optical Labatory Sergeant (E-5, MOS 42E20), 44th Medical Brigade, USARV 1967-1968. He is convinced that Self-healing In Inner Awareness is the most effective self-healing method ever developed to eliminate post traumatic stress disorder. It enables veterans to heal the emotional pain, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, traumatic amnesia, anxiety, depression, social withdrawal, substance abuse, and troublesome dreams that are sometimes brought on by the trauma of combat service. Once healed, traumatized veterans are able to experience an enjoyable life without any longer being adversely influenced by the past.

Design and Purpose of CD Sets

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is designed as a complete healing process. That means each person must listen to the entire set of instructions. It's all or none. One must listen to them as well in the proper order. Therefore verbal directions are included in each session to insure that healing is learned completely, and in the proper numeric sequence. Also, to insure listening to all of the healing instructions on a continuous basis, the CD sessions are recommended for the use of just one individual. So each person who wishes to use this method of healing should use their own set of CD's.


Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is often used so that individuals can improve their personal skills and abilities. An individual may wish to improve athletic abilities, on the job performance, speaking skills, memory, creativity, sales and selling ability, mental alacrity, artistic or musical talent, personal relationships, and much more. Personal improvement is accomplished by removing any mental blocks or emotional inhibitions to success. Doubts and worries are eliminated while self-regard and self-confidence are enhanced.

The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set
Twelve Audio Sessions and a Comprehensive Healing Manual that will change your life.
Now Available at Special Introductory PricingGet your CD Set Now!

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Sexual Difficulties

Self-Healing In Inner Awareness helps individuals overcome sexual difficulties and improve their sexuality by overcoming uncomfortable feelings, fears, inhibitions, lack of interest, painful memories, stress and tension, daily fatigue, and physical dysfunctions. Thus individuals can reclaim the pasionate elements of their lives. Self-healing can also heal the emotional conflicts and differences between partners so that they can restore love and pleasure to their lives. Those in already satisfying romantic relationships can learn to increase their intimacy with stronger feelings and heightened experiences which brings couples even closer together both emotionally and physically.


Self-Healing In Inner Awareness also has an exclusive spiritual component of a very profound nature through which one can develop broader life perspectives. One can develop new and widespread spiritual insights and perceptions, and a higher understanding of one's personal relationships. One develops an understanding of why each person is meant to heal, and why each person deserves to be healed. Self-healing teaches individuals to find the good in life's most difficult circumstances which brings resolution, inner peace and calm. Healing knowledge teaches each person to value themselves and take the time to nurture and care for themselves. One can learn how to effectively forgive others, and thereby remove all of the uncomfortable influences of the past. Each person can better understand their reasons for being in this life experience.

Healing By Yourself

Some people wonder if they can completely heal themselves on their own. Of course they can. Everyone has the natural inner ability to heal- both body and mind. Other people have doubts about their being helped with self-healing. They wonder if it will work for them. Will it work for their particular difficulties? Or at some level, they might be concerned that they don't deserve to heal. Or a part of them may want to heal while another part is afraid of inner change. All of this uncertainty never matters. Never judge yourself, your individual healing, or the self-healing process. Healing works no matter what your initial concerns might be. All you have to do is listen to the CD's.

A Great Tool - Using Deep Relaxation

Deep Relaxation is a state of deep inner comfort that relaxes your body and your mind. It is also a basic component of the healing process. Deep Relaxation can be used on a daily basis to bring overall calm and harmony to your life. Deep Relaxation is great for those whose daily lives are filled with chaos and tension, and daily overactivity. Deep Relaxation can be used just to experience healing energy. This subtle energy produces a state of deep calm along with very enjoyable perceptions- a sense of warmth and radiance, an awareness of healing throughout the mind and body, comfortable physical pleasure, along with feelings and thoughts of a beneficial nature. Deep Relaxation brings you insights and understanding regarding the complexities of your life, and will help you make decisions about life choices as healing is progressing. Deep Relaxation can be used to change any behaviors that contributed to your personal difficulties through the year, and make improvements in your personal habits, skills, abilities, goals, and personality traits. Deep Relaxation is used while you are healing as well as in your life afterward. Deep Relaxation allows individuals to maintain a very healthy emotional, mental, and physical state for the rest of their lives.

Brief Summary of Healing
  1. Read the healing manual.
  2. Listen to CD sessions, 1 thru 10. Your mind then starts healing you.
  3. Do the Deep Relaxation every day or do it frequently following the directions in Session #3, or by just listening to CD session #11, Guided Deep Relaxation.
  4. Listen to the CD's every 2-3 weeks all through the entire healing process.
  5. Once a month listen to CD session #12, to evaluate your healing progress.
  6. Also take time for yourself, to nurture yourself, and to think about your healing.
  7. After your healing is completed, listen to sessions #2 and #4 through #10 once or twice a year to maintain continued good health, emotional harmony and mental calm.
  8. Continue to do Deep Relaxation on a regular basis. Use it for profound relaxation, guidance, understanding, and even more significant improvements in your life.

Unquestionably, there has never been a method of change and transformation like Self-Healing In Inner Awareness.

The Self-Healing In Inner Awareness 10 CD Set
Twelve Audio Sessions and a Comprehensive Healing Manual that will change your life.
Now Available at Special Introductory PricingGet your CD Set Now!

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