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About "Dr. Phil" Kearney

Dr. Phil Kearney's healing practice is devoted to helping individuals to heal unresolved cognitive (thought), emotional, physical, & spiritual difficulties, as well as to make effective & lasting improvements in all areas of their inner life, and enhance & their physical body. The doctor's practice is unique in a number of respects. He uses a great many remedial techniques to help people heal a wide variety of complex cognitive, emotional & physical problems. The doctor is a certified clinical self-healing therapist,as well as a mind-body healing teacher, a mind-body healing researcher, & a visiting college instructor.

An important part of the doctor's work is to help individual's who have suffered through very painful incidents in their lives. The healing & therapy methods the doctor has devised permit individual's to recover from traumatic circumstances without painfully reliving the discomforts of the past. The doctor is also dedicated to helping people recover completely from deep emotional disharmony like depression, anxiety, constant worry, inner emotional stress, obsessions, compulsions, and much more. Also important to this form of therapy are the spiritual aspects of healing which means that people develop a deep insight into their life's difficulties with both a broad practical understanding & a meaningful spiritual perspective.

A good portion of the doctor's practice is also devoted to helping women to heal their inner emotional difficulties, & then nourish & enhance their personal lives. Dr. Kearney also helps individuals quickly & "calmly" recover from abuse, troubled marriages, traumatic divorce, child custody conflicts, assault & rape, and damaged self-esteem, all without consciously re-experiencing the discomfort & pain of past events. Additionally, the aforementioned therapies are used to help women with severe PMS, chronic pelvic pain, infertility, unresolved gynecological disorders, frequent miscarriages, and abdominal pain. All of these conditions can be effected by undiagnosed anxiety, subconscious stress, unresolved painful emotions, deep fears, and relationship conflicts.

Dr. Kearney has studied & trained in numerous advanced techniques of self-healing and therapy. These techniques include Cheek-LeCron ideomotor therapy, Elman-Kein therapy, Parkhill cancer therapy, 5-Phase© therapy, age & affect regression therapy, Gestalt chair & forgiveness therapy, Tebbetts-Hunter personality parts therapy, analytic inner child therapy, timeline therapy, psychoneuroimmunology, sleep therapy, and hyperemperia©. Utilizing this broad spectrum of techniques, the doctor has been able to assist a great number of patients to make remarkable changes in their lives.

After conducting mind-healing research, and studying many customary methods of healing therapy had certain limitations. Recognizing the need for more effective, more rapid, and far more comprehensive forms of self-healing therapy, the doctor then developed many of his own procedures. This is the first time in the history of therpy & healing, that a practitioner has developed a complete method of self-healing that helps an individual with all of their emotional, cognitive (thought), physical, and spiritual issues and difficulties. These include Self-Healing In Inner Awareness©, Deep Relaxation Partner Healing©, Deep Relaxation Daily Stress Healing©, & "Deep Relaxation Spiritual Awareness Healing &Ongoing Healing IN Deep Relaxation" ©. To date, all of these new procedures have been highly effective.

A.M. Self-Healing in inner awareness is an exceptional achievement. Never before has a therapist developed a method of comprehensive healing that individuals can do entirely on their own. Self-Healing in inner awareness enables individuals to truly heal complex disfficulties & disorders while at home. Depending on their personal desires, they can heal while asleep at night, which most people prefer, or in a state of deep relaxation. Using the more knowledgeable & efficient portions of the mind, healing progresses at a relatively quick pace. You thoroughly and peacefully heal everything inside of you that needs to be healed. You will not have to reexperience troubling events in your life, or discuss their uncomfortable details with the doctor.

Besides eliminating emotional difficulties, the self-healing procedures also help individuals to remediate the undetected repressed feelings, hidden physical stresses, troubled thoughts, uncomfortable memories, hopeless attitudes, & limiting self-perceptions. These difficulties often underlie the development of significant illnesses, and prevent the resolution of ongoing physical disorders. Self-Healing in inner awareness helps individuals eliminate hidden stress, heal troubled thoughts, worry & disturbing dreams, curtail chronic physical disorders, improve stress related diseases, and overpower critical health problems and psychodynamically induced illness. In addition, a highly beneficial spiritual component incorporated in self-healing is also used to help individuals discover spiritual lessons to their life expereinces, determine true life goals, build meaningful relationships, access natural healing energy & abilities, and develop greater mental clarity & spiritual strength to confront and overcome life's challenges.

Self-Healing in inner awareness also teaches & guides individuals to make significant improvements in their personal, business & social lives. Individuals utilize self-healing & deep relaxation for personal changes to develop greater assertiveness, high self-esteem & self-confidence, strong will power, increased self-motivation, and improved mental focus & concentration. Self-Healing & deep relaxation are used to develop abilities for the business world like interpersonal skills, confidence for selling, effortless management, and effective public speaking. Individuals are also taught how to enhance creativity, improve musical skills, optimize artistic ability, and expand memory & perceptual abilities.

Dr. Kearney was originally trained as an optometrist (1974), and then added the specialty of hypnotherapy & relaxation therapies to his practice some years later. As an eye doctor, he specialized in preventing myopia, and developed his own contact lens designs which slow the progression of nearsightedness. In his work with young children & their orthokeratology contact lenses, he utilized deep relaxation techniques which later led him to an extensive study of mind-body healing, and then self-healing. He originally studied at the Omni Hypnosis Center with Gerald Kein, and continued his therapy training through the National Guild of Hypnotists. He is currently a member of the National Guild, and the Hypnotism Society of Pennsylvania.

Ironically, the doctor rarely uses any form of hypnotherapy at the present. It's no longer needed since he has developed easier ways of communicating with the inner mind. Instead, the doctor's practice is devoted entirely to teaching self-healing and monitoring the progres of those using these healing techniques. The doctor conducts ongoing clinical research and studies self-healing techniques, and the subtle energy systems of the body. As already mentioned, self-healing in inner awareness is learned at home in deep relaxation. As healing continues, this is followed by progress visits at the doctor's office. Eventually comprehensive, supplemental procedures are used after healing so that you will maintain emotional harmony, calm thoughts, and physical wellness, and also develop helpful life insights, after self-healing is concluded.

While he is the only practitioner currently utilizing and teaching these more advanced healing procedures, he is making plans to share these highly effective methods with other healing therapists in the near future. Dr. Kearney has been teaching a continuing education course entitled "Achieving Deep Relaxation To Eliminate Stress" at local community colleges. Dr Kearney conducts mind-body healing research, and lectures & speaks in the community on topics related self-healing in inner awareness, mind-body health & healing, the elimination of stress, and attaining emotional calm & harmony.

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