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Office Visits

It is recommended that patients not begin to take, or change, any medications without first discussing their effects on this healing work with Dr. Kearney. Each person must agree to work exclusively with Dr Kearney, and not undergo "talk" therapy simultaneously with another doctor, and not participate in any support groups, or remedial help groups. Patients should arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the appointment time to prepare for the session & care for personal needs. Since the doctor prepares ahead of time for each patient visit, we expect "all" appointments to be kept each week with the only exception being a dire emergency. A continuous, uninterrupted schedule of visits enhances the effectiveness & momentum of the healing work which is so important to you. Patients are expected to notify the doctor at least 48 hours ahead of time if they cannot keep an appointment. (We must charge your credit card for all appointments not kept, or appointments canceled with less that 48 hours notice.)


All office visits are by appointment. At the present time, the first office visit is scheduled at 9:00 am while the last is generally at 5:30 pm. Days & times will vary somewhat according to the doctor's schedule & the needs of our patients. The first visit will generally take 1 1/4 hours while subsequent visits will usually take 60 minutes. Late afternoon & early evening appointments fill up first, so please consider also doing some earlier daytime sessions. Currently there are no Tuesday or weekend office hours. (Note: Each individual must call the doctor on their own for their initial appointment.)

Preparation For Self-Healing

In preparation for the first visit, the doctor expects each person to read & be familiar with the following articles on our web site: Introduction To Our Site, The Components of Your Mind, Natural Healing In Inner Awareness,Understanding Deep Relaxation, Learning To Heal, Entering deep Relaxation, Cleaning Out The Barn-A Metaphor, About "Dr. Phil" Kearney; Professional Fees; Duration of Self-Healing, & Office Visits; Patients' Endorsements & Recommendations; & the Personal History Form. The personal history form is to be filled out & brought to the office at the first visit. Very useful information is also contained in the articles: Your Emotions & The Prescription Drug Scandal, A Healing Hypnotherapist... Not A Hypnotist, Self-Healing In Inner Awareness Is Not Psychology or Psychiatry. In addition, please read those articles pertaining to those difficulties or issues for which you are visiting the doctor.

About Patients' Age

Typically we see begin seeing patients who are 8-10 years of age, although this will vary depending on the maturity level & cooperation of the individual child. Younger children can often be helped by the doctor with healing and therapy methods specifically designed for that age level. There are also "home" healing techniques that can be taught to the parents to help younger children make improvements in their lives. At the other end of the age spectrum, we teach self-healing to patients in their late seventies or early eighties. All that is necessary is the desire & willingness to undergo self-healing along with adequate mental comprehension.

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