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Cleaning Out The Barn
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Cleaning Out The Barn - A Metaphor

People are often intrigued when they learn that the doctor teaches people a new and very effective method of self-healing. After some preliminary discussion, the more curious people will ask, "What is it exactly that a self-healing therapist actually does?" These individuals are often told that the basic job of the healer is to help individuals "clean out the barn", and naturally this intrigues them even more. But that depiction is really the truth although it is being described metaphorically. The self-healing therapist's job is to help each person go into their barn- they are the barn actually, and do everything they need to do in order to clean out & tidy up the barn, stall by stall, & put everything in order. So what's in the barn that must be removed? Well some individuals have certain uncomfortable feelings, agitated thoughts, fears, doubts, uncertainties, painful memories, or disruptive beliefs that are causing them mental conflict & worry, emotional disharmony, physical illness, or spiritual discord. These things may be preventing them from completely healing their emotions, their mind or their body. They may even have attitudes & perceptions causing them to believe that they are incapable of improving their own life, incapable of fully participating in life, or incapable of healing. Their feelings & thoughts may also be interfering with their ability to have an enjoyable life, or are hindering their progress & development in life. It doesn't matter if these feelings & thoughts have been present for a few months, for a number of years, or even for decades. All of these hindrances in their life will be eliminated, or improved, or healed in some significant way.

So one part of the self-healing therpist's job is to help each person learn how to discover all of their inner difficulties & impediments. In each stall within the barn there is one particular difficulty or problem that must be acknowledged, understood & then remediated. That single problem, whether emotional, cognitive or physical, has been caused &/or nourished by various troubling feelings, thoughts, memories or beliefs contained within the subconscious mind. In order to eliminate that single problem, you must heal or correct those deep underlying causes. Once this is accomplished then the primary problem is automatically resolved by the inner mind. So, healing those deeply hidden causes, one's troubled feelings, thoughts, memories & beliefs, will naturally eradicate the overlying problem that is being remediated.

All of those deeper causes for each problem are discovered while doing self-healing in inner awraeness. Each person heals those inner causes one at a time. Self-healing includes the process of dissolving away all troubled feelings & uncomfortable thoughts, restoring emotional harmony, correcting subtle energy systems, improving one's beliefs & perceptions, heightening self-awareness, strengthening self-confidence, removing the discomfort from troublesome memories, correcting limiting perceptions, reconciling & forgiving the past, and restoring one's enthusiasm for life. The mind & body have an innate ability to heal on their own. So when that stall is completely cleaned out, so to speak, then the overlying problem will automatically resolve. Then you go back and fill the stall up again, this time with good stuff- healed feelings, calm thoughts, comfortable memories; stimulating & strengthened beliefs; optimistic perceptions, enhanced subtle energy, spiritual insight & understanding, and many new inner resources- all the stuff that's truly supposed to be inside the stall. After this particular healing is done completely, then you go on to the next stall and do the same process all over again.

Self-healing in inner awraeness works very effectively and very quickly. During each self-healing session the inner mind cleans out another stall in the barn. Eventually all those stalls in the barn have been restored and not only are they nice & clean but they are actually bright & glowing. When each & every stall has been restored to the best possible condition, then the work inside the barn is finished. Then each person is shown how to develop the individual skills & tools that they will need to keep that inner barn in pristine condition in the future. At this stage, the work of the indicidual and the therapist has been accomplished. And as for the self-healing therapist, he's on his way again... to teach another person, and then guide the person down the path of healing... and each path is such a wonderful journey. And certainly, to date, the best method of cleaning out the barn is self-healing in inner awraeness

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