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Duration of Self-Healing Therapy

Self-healing in inner awareness is the fastest known method to achieve comprehensive self-improvement, and to resolve personal difficulties. The process of self-healing is learned by listening to the self-healing instruction audio tapes or Cd's while in deep relaxation at home. After that the individual does all of their self-healing while asleep or in deep relaxation. Follow-up visits to monitor the individuals progress are scheduled weekly in the beginning, followed by biweekly visits later in the course of healing.

The first visit to the doctor is rather extensive & may last for 1 & 1/4 hours. At that time, any personal difficulties, problems, desires, goals and needs will be completely evaluated. The doctor will review your persoanl history form. Then he will decide on the feasibility of your using these self-healing services, how he can accommodate your needs & desires, and the extent of self-healing needed. The followup visits last for 45-60 minutes. At the followup visits, the doctor determines the progress and the extent of the self-healing that has been performed. It is imposible to predict ahead of time how many visits ill be required since each individual does the self-healing at their own inner pace. Typically individuals complete all of their inner healing in 3-5 months. (Less time is required for non-healing programs such as personal self-improvement, performance enhancement, devloping new skills and habits, or improving personal motivation.) Obviously those with just a few issues or difficulties to heal will require fewer followup visits.

Many people need to heal more than one difficulty in their lives. The person with more complex needs will require a greater number of follow-up visits. Multiple physical disorders of moderate complexity including things like migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes,' asthma, allergies, and women's concerns like PMS and menstrual & gynecologic disorders will typically require 3-5 months of self-healing. Multiple emotional difficulties like depression, anxiety, recovery from abuse and trauma, compulsions and obsessions, poor self-esteem, and extreme shyness will also typically necessitate follow-up visits for 3-5 months. Embedded illnesses such as cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, arthritis, ulcers, autoimmune diseases, tinnitus, recurring illnesses, combinations of illnesses, and chronically poor health may require approximately 3-5 months of follow-up visits. Individuals who come to us with a significant combination of troubling thoughts, emotional difficulties and serious physical disorders will also average about 3-5 months of follow-up visits but some wil heal over a longer period of time. Ultimately the number of visits required will depend upon how much there is for each person to heal. With self-healing, we are noticing a trend for people to heal more quickly than ever before, and thus require far fewer visits.

At the first visit, the doctor reviews each patient's history. It is expected that each person will have read all the recommended articles on this web site, then downloaded and filled out the history form ahead of time. The doctor spends a good deal of time reviewing the functions of the mind, the process of self-healing in inner awareness, and the methods they he uses to create deep relaxation. Each person is taught how to relax very deeply, and is then taught various skills they will use at future office visits. After the first visit, each person learns self-healing by listening to the audio tapes or CD's while deeply relaxed at home. People are immediately aware of how easy it is to learn to heal. At followup visits to the doctor, he will answer your questions, discuss the healing changes you have noticed, and monitor your progress. As healin progress, the individual again listens to the tapes or CD's which further embeds the healing concepts in the mind, and strengthens one's resolve to heal.

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