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In Inner Awareness
Achieving Emotional Harmony
Alleviating Physical Disorders
Relieving Stress By Preventing Stress
Women's Innate Physical Wisdom
Healing After Abuse, Rape & Other Trauma
Creating Wonderful Personal Change
Restoring & Enhancing Natural Sexuality
Enhancing Eyes & Vision
Enjoying Self-Healing
Spirit & Knowing
Innovative Self-Healing
Restoring & Enhancing Natural Sexuality

Research has shown that many sexual difficulties, which occur quite frequently today, are strongly influenced by our deepest thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. Knowing this also means that many sexual difficulties can be alleviated by discovering their "thought" causes & emotional causes, & then using the inner strengths & abilities of our deepest mind to correct them. Self-healing in inner awareness helps individuals improve their sexuality by overcoming fears, inhibitions, lack of interest, & physical dysfunctions to reclaim the erotic elements of their lives. Self-healing can also heal the emotional conflicts & differences between partners so that they can restore love & pleasure to their lives. Beside correcting sexual difficulties, self-healing in inner awareness can be used in other beneficial ways. Those in already satisfying romantic relationships can learn to increase their intimacy with stronger feelings & heightened experiences which brings couples closer together both emotionally & physically.

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