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Healing After Abuse, Rape & Other Trauma

The most painful emotional & physical experiences that one might endure comes from abuse, physical assault, rape, separation & divorce, personal betrayal, and severe custody battles. The suffering and anguish of these forms of intense trauma & emotional upheaval can persist for years and sometimes even prevent an individual from participating in the normal activities of life. The memories and emotional disharmony can be so intense that some people avoid being helped professionally because they are afraid of re-experiencing the feelings associated with their past trauma. Fortunately, Dr. Kearney specializes in healing those who have suffered such abuse & trauma. He has developed new methods of self-healing which allow individuals to completely and quickly heal from these intense discomforts without reliving the painful memories & feelings of the past. These effective & comfortable therapy procedures help each person to peacefully remove all of their painful feelings, bring tranquility to their thoughts, eliminate physical stress & discomfort, and restore their self-esteem. Self-healing even quiets their memories, their sleep, & eliminates their troubled dreams. Self-healing in inner awareness enables everyone to completely triumph over their uncomfortable past, and then restore normality to their lives.

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