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Alleviating Physical Disorders

Despite the billions of dollars being spent on health care people are still suffering from far too many physical disorders. To remediate illness, health practitioners are searching for new genetic cures, additional "wonder" drugs, and high tech surgical procedures. It never occurs to many of them that they might be looking for their miracle cures in all the wrong places. Fortunately, knowledgeable individuals today realize that modern health care is limited in scope. Comprehensive healing of the body can only occur when an individual also heals their emotions, thoughts, mental outlook, beliefs, perceptions, as well as their inner spirit. Self-healing in inner awareness is the one method that helps promote complete healing. It remediates all of those deep inner elements of the individual that conventional health care is never able to improve.

You will be interested in the very informative sections on the mental states that precede the development of illnesses, the emotional states which actually damage the immune system, the mental perceptions that activate & prolong illness. You will discover how deep & repressed emotional stress actually damages the parts of the physical body, and impairs our disease prevention systems. You will find out how these conditions can be corrected. You will understand the true meaning of "dis-ease".

There are discussions & explanations of the "hidden thoughts", unresolved tension, and negative attitude conditioning which actually provoke & prolong illness, and prevent complete healing. Self-healing in inner awareness is a process that occurs at a more fundamental level than traditional physical treatments. You are able to go deeper and heal all of the inner factors related to your physical problems. That is, you eliminate the uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, memories, beliefs & perceptions that have interrupted your natural ability to resolve illness.

Your body is designed by nature to heal on its own. So by removing all of those hidden inner stress elements, your body is then able to start healing completely and naturally. Self-healing in inner awareness also improves your thoughts & your attitudes which restores emotional tranquility, develops self-healing knowledge, and replenishes the depleted subtle energy systems within your body. You will also discover how the spiritual component of every person, the part that relishes life, also contributes immensely to healing your body.

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