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Achieving Emotional Harmony

In today's world, too many people are experiencing intense emotional pain & discomfort like depression, anxiety, fear, troubling dreams, frustration, painful memories, panic & constant worry. Sometimes these very upsetting feelings persist for months or even years, and the individual then feels helpless & hopeless. Because of unreliable research, many therapists today blame emotional disharmony on biochemical & physical imbalances. Modern remedies for depression & anxiety & similar problems are therefore misguided & ultimately ineffective because they never actually heal the underlying causes of these conditions. Too often, people are simply put on medications and then allowed to drift through life without ever improving their deep emotional discomforts. One must realize, however, that emotional difficulties & disharmony are actually caused by the deep troubling feelings that we have unintentionally concealed within us.

Fortunately, all of our upsetting emotions can be permanently alleviated & completely healed with the restorative process of self-heaing in inner awareness. The underlying emotional discord is completely & permanently resolved. The uncomfortable thoughts, memories & beliefs are corrected & improved. The agitated & turbulent energy within the body caused by troubled feelings & thoughts is completely eliminated. Since the mind & body are designed by nature to heal spontaneously, once this deep inner healing is accomplished, then the depression, anxiety and all the rest of the emotional discomforts naturally disappear. The body feels lighter & begins to restore itself. Completely normal feelings and natural emotional expression return. The individual then experiences enduring calm & complete emotional harmony, and all of this wonderful improvement is accomplished without medications. In fact, those currently on medications are generally able to eliminate them over the course of therapy. Additionally, any factors that have contributed to poor self-esteem and diminished self-confidence are completely removed. Once that has been accomplished, then an active process of actually rebuilding & strengthening one's self-esteem, self-image & self-confidence is conducted. In addition, the individual's assertiveness is strengthened, life perspectives & understanding are broadened, and spiritual self-nourishment is allowed to flourish.

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