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Enhancing Eyes & Vision

Just as various forms of stress effects the deeper organs & immune system of the body, self-healing therapists also know that different types of stress adversely effect the eyes and visual system. Stress contributes to the development & continuation of a wide range of ocular diseases, from chronic disorders like conjunctivitis (pink eye) to serious eye conditions that can cause blindness such as glaucoma or herpes zoster (shingles). Unfortunately today's ophthalmologists & optometrists rarely include stress reduction or emotional therapy in the treatment of ocular disorders. In some health specialties there is a concerned recognition of how stress reduction contributes to improved health. In the eye professions, however, there are few if any holistic or "alternative" eye practitioners. (The one happy observation we might make is that there are now, thankfully, more optometrists dedicated to preventing the progression of nearsightedness with orthokeratology contact lenses, and increasing the public's knowledge of ocular nutrition to prevent cataracts & macula degeneration.)
To compensate for the professional eye communities conspicuous disinterest in the effects of physical, emotional & repressed stress on the visual system, we offer an informative section on healing eyes, vision, and the systemic conditions that can severely damage the eyes. You will learn how you might help preserve your vision by eliminating all forms of deeply repressed stress and emotional tension from your life with self-healing in inner awareness.

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