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• Recovering From Separation, Divorce, & Custodial Battles

Self-healing in inner awareness helps individuals very effectively recover from the emotional and physical anguish of a separation or divorce. The therapy allows you to dissolve away uncomfortable feelings, and remove the anguish & hurt from troubling thoughts & uncomfortable memories. You are able to better endure this upsetting event and put this life changing circumstance into a more understandable perspective. There are always powerful feelings of shock, denial, and solitude right after a divorce or separation. Especially with children in the picture, there is a concern for the kids, fears about the home or housing, economic issues, change of daily & weekly schedules, division of parental responsibilities, employment needs, education & marketable skills. There can be conflicts about lawyers & legal advice, legal depositions, court appearances, attorney fees, and perhaps child custody hearings. Later on there may be fears of social or religious stigma, embarrassment among friends, loss of social acquaintances, or life regret.

Self-healing in inner awareness is the most effective means of helping individuals recuperate from the mental, emotional and physical discomforts associated with separation, divorce, custody matters, & even spousal abuse. Our office specializes in helping people recover from these events, and then, within a short time, actually triumph over these adversities. In the past, some people have endured the emotional & physical consequences of their divorce for years. This prolonged suffering is no longer necessary & is readily remediated. Self-healing is so effective because it utilizes the powerful resources of your inner mind so that you will fully recover from your divorce. Despite everything you are going through now, and no matter how overwhelming your present situation may be, you will be able to heal your thoughts, your feelings, your inner spirit, and your body.

Self-healing in inner awareness helps you dissolve away anger, pain & anguish, sorrow, fear, uncertainty, loss of trust, betrayal, depression, guilt, anxiety, procrastination, and all the "What ifs....". You will learn to develop an entirely new life perspective with new insights about both your former situation & your present circumstances. Self-healing quickly restores self-confidence, dissolves away uncomfortable feelings completely, reestablishes emotional harmony, relaxes the mind, eliminates traumatic stress, helps build confident self-esteem, & develops the motivation to build a successful new life without any regrets. There is no need to suffer for months or even years. Any person can begin to comfortably build a new life using the power of their inner mind with self-healing.

During your separation & divorce, we will help guide & strengthen you through all the stages of your recovery. The therapy is done in such a manner that you need not suffer the pain you have already endured. The process is comfortable, highly effective, and permanent. The initial goal is to effectively deal with your emotional reactions to the reality of your situation. People experience so many feelings, and at times it seems as if they are being battered by wave after wave of troubling emotion. The self-healing allows you to completely dissolve away all the painful feelings such as shock, anxiety, anger, rage, denial, sadness, uncertainty, loss of trust, betrayal, abandonment, remorse, guilt, frustration, life regret, helplessness, hopelessness, and more. Once this is done, your mind & the body will be completely free of those troubled feelings.

Sometimes an individual will experience depression, panic, terrifying fear, anxiety, constant worry, troubling thoughts, despair, & very damaged self-esteem. These symptoms are signs of deeper emotional & physical turmoil. They are caused by painful thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that are occurring in both the conscious & subconscious mind. Using self-healing you will discover, and then correct, the deeper causes of those symptoms. Just as you are able to quickly dissolve away troubling feelings, you will also be able to readily eliminate depression, or anxiety, and constant worry. After doing so, you will use your inner mind to transform your inner thoughts & perceptions, restore strong self-esteem, develop deep self-confidence, and create a renewed enthusiasm for life.

People going through a divorce may develop many different types of physical discomfort & illness such as loss of appetite, severe headaches, insomnia, lower back pain, fatigue, intestinal problems, stress & tension, and more. All of these physical reactions are caused by the emotional tension. As the self-healing procedure dissolves away discomfort, calming the feelings and restoring emotional harmony, then the physical symptoms will quickly subside and disappear completely.

Sometimes an individual leaves their marriage because of spousal abuse which has been endured for years or even decades. Abuse takes many forms- mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual. The doctor has developed a very effective method of self-healing which helps a person fully recover from this extremely painful ordeal. One of the most devastating effects of abuse is that it can severely diminish a person's self-esteem and life spirit. On top of that, there are feelings that must be dissolved away, and behaviors that must be healed such as - fear of letting people know the "real" you, resentment, rage, personality changes, mood swings, inappropriate affection, amnesia, depression, substance abuse, unrealistic life perceptions, inability to feel and express emotions, and more. However, inside each person, no matter how much they have endured, all of these effects can be healed through Self-healing in inner awareness.

All of the personal consequences of abuse can be rectified in a surprisingly reasonable period of time. Individuals are able to make fundamental changes in their thoughts, feelings & perceptions. Each person will readily discard the hurt and troubled behaviors of the past, opening themselves up for personal transformation. They are able to find the good in present circumstances, feeling a positive enthusiasm about themselves, while beginning to enjoy life again. A person will be filled with inner strength, hope and confidence in the future, knowing that they are developing the inner ability to triumph over their trying circumstances. Prevailing over abuse is a very doable process with a very high success rate.

Once a person's deepest emotional & physical discomforts have been resolved, then the individual is better prepared to manage the daily realities of their situation. With the troubling emotional pain dissolved away, then each person is much better able to handle ongoing feelings. One is able to deal with the concerns for children, fears about the home or housing, handling financial & economic issues, change of daily & weekly schedules, and the division of parental responsibilities. Self-healing in inner awareness clears & relaxes the mind so that the individual has restored energy allowing active participation in life again. Removal of stress allows on to communicate & deal with a former spouse with fear and inner tension. The person is again able to make decisions, & handle changing circumstances with confidence, greater certainty and increasing self-regard.

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