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• Improving Couple's Relationships

Relationships thrive when partners are adaptable, caring, open-minded, mature, unselfish, & emotionally balanced. Each individual in a relationship brings their own personality, personal skills, life-coping strategies, knowledge or lack of knowledge, previous experiences, & deepest feelings to the union. So if a relationship is not going well, there can be many causes. Couple's self-healing helps people resolve their "individual" difficulties & issues so that they will have the personal skills to participate in a happy & successful relationship. Self-healing in inner awareness treats personal stress, old or new inner conflicts, interpersonal tension, past or present emotional dilemmas; & unsuccessful, past relationship patterns.

One major difficulty of relationships is the inability of one or both partners to see themselves as a member of a committed partnership rather than as a separate individual. Some individuals try to control, manipulate, improve, or "reform" their partner. Others think only of their own needs without the slightest consideration of the physical & emotional requirements of their spouse. Some couples become "child-obsessed"; they give all of their time, energy & devotion to their children while they ignore each other emotionally & spiritually. And in today's materialistic society, too many individuals are obsessed with achieving fabulous financial success so that they can continually accumulate "beautiful" & trendy material things.

Self-healing in inner awareness allows people to discover those fundamental feelings, thoughts, & perceptions that have been interfering with the relationship. Each person in the relationship deals with, & then heals, all their own inner emotional issues & personality quirks. Once the relevant issues inside each individual are resolved, then the couple can discover the real priorities that will strengthen, rather than divide, their partnership. Couples will be better able to set meaningful goals, learn effective communication skills, freely express their feelings, build strong emotional bonds, & establish a mutually satisfying, coequal relationship. During relationship therapy, each person is seen individually for office visits with the doctor.

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