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• Healing Dreams That Cause Illness & Emotional Disharmony

Frightening or uncomfortable dreams have been known to precipitate physical disorders, aggravate existing illness, and intensify emotional disharmony. Our deepest thoughts, feelings, fears & beliefs are often revealed to our conscious mind through the process of dreaming. From an emotional viewpoint, our dreams can range from being quite pleasant, all the way to being highly uncomfortable. One of the ways that the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind is through dreams. Remember that the subconscious mind also triggers physical responses in our bodies. So whenever we dream, there is a message for the conscious mind plus a physical reaction or response to the dream. The subconscious mind thus causes our bodies to immediately respond as if the dream were actually real. If we are dreaming about a pleasant experience, then our bodies relax and our breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism & other physical processes slow down somewhat and become calmer.

On the other hand, if we have an uncomfortable or even a frightening dream, then our body reacts as if we are under stress or experiencing intense discomfort. Our body is actually responding to the uncomfortable feelings, thoughts or perceptions induced by the dream. The individual's heart rate can increase, breathing becomes more rapid, the body moves & twists, we may cry out or talk, our metabolism speeds up, and our internal organs produce hormones & other chemicals at an accelerated pace. Sometimes the physical reaction of our bodies is so intense, or occurs so frequently, that our recurrent dreams actually cause the development of a physical disorder, or they aggravate an already existing condition.

Studies and medical reports have shown that dreaming can produce an erratic heart beat, higher blood pressure, asthma attacks, elevated stomach acid in ulcer patients, pain in many areas of the body, insomnia, & severe physical disturbances & even miscarriage during pregnancy. These physical disorders will continue, and even worsen, as long as the dreams themselves continue. The troubling dreams that a person experiences occur primarily in the first four hours of sleep, and 90% of are dreams are not remembered when we awaken. Individuals will emerge from sleep with an uncomfortable feeling but generally will be unaware of having experienced disturbing dreams. At best we remember only 10% of our dreams. We may remember some unpleasant dreams but we are actually unaware of many of them. We may never realize consciously that our physical discomforts are being provoked by the troubling emotion experienced during our dreams. So if a person is having unpleasant dreams which are adversely effecting the body, she or he will probably never be fully aware of all those dreams until they do self-healing in inner awareness. If these uncomfortable & undetected dreams persist over a long enough period of time, then they will seriously effect an individual's health and/or emotional harmony.

During a long career in obstetrics, gynecology, and mind-body therapy, David B. Cheek, M.D., physician & author, reported many cases of complications in pregnancy caused by disturbing dreams. Some of the women that he treated over many years had spontaneous bleeding during pregnancy, premature contractions & births, miscarriages, toxemia with hypertension, nausea, vomiting, and fluid retention. During therapy, it was revealed that these conditions began, or were aggravated by, the women experiencing dreams related to fears of pregnancy complications, or the fear of having a child that was not healthy. When these women were treated with mind-body therapy their fears were eliminated. This resulted in the cessation of their disturbing dreams. Their physical disorders subsequently improved, and they went on to have uncomplicated pregnancies with normal births of healthy children. It is now known that dreams can contribute to the development of a great many physical disorders & not just OB/GYN disorders.

Dreams do not just effect our bodies; they also influence our emotions. Dreams are used by the subconscious mind to reveal our deepest concerns to the conscious mind. But the conscious mind doesn't really want to know anything about inner thoughts & feelings that are uncomfortable. So when we experience troubled subconscious perceptions during a dream, our conscious mind becomes upset, and we suffer emotional discomfort and disharmony. Recurrent, disturbing dreams with a high emotional, or fearful content indicate that there is underlying, repressed emotion and deep internal stress. The dreams are a plea from the subconscious to confront & deal with our inner lives. If we do not, the underlying emotion keeps pushing up into an individual's awareness through our dreams. Not dealing with these hidden emotions, or not undergoing self-healing, can lead to anxiety, apprehension, worry, and troubling thoughts. In effect we become a greater "bundle of nerves" because of the unsettling content of our dreams.

Upsetting dreams unquestionably contribute more than we ever realized to physical disorders and emotional torment. People should use self-healing in inne awareness to remediate the deep emotional causes of those dreams & the resultant illnesses. Self-healing in inner awareness is very effective in relieving physical disorders or emotional upsets related to dreams. While self-healing, the person is taught to release or dissolve away their uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that keep occurring in their dreams. This simple discharge of inner tension removes the physical & emotional stress that has built up in the body. Once this is done for all the underlying stress, then the upsetting dreams are then no longer experienced. The emotional release allows the body to function in a relaxed, comfortable, and healthy manner. Individuals who previously experienced emotional upsets are restored to emotional harmony and balanced feelings. The individual's Mind, Body, Feelings, and Spirit are once again restored with self-healing in inner awareness.

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