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• Healing After Abuse, Rape, & Other Trauma

Abuse is one of the most common problems that we encounter in our practice. The goal of therapy after abuse is to restore complete emotional harmony. This brings the individual freedom from emotional discomfort so that the individual can live her or his life happily. Despite its severity and pain, the person that has been abused can be quickly, effectively, & completely healed with Self-healing in inner awareness. In fact, Dr. Kearney has developed unique methods which are included in self-healing in inner awareness which are designed specifically for those who have been undergone abuse and trauma. Using these procedures, self-healing focuses directly on the specific areas of the mind that continue to feel the sadness, pain, fear & discomfort. To completely eliminate these emotional difficulties, the healing works with just the subconscious & affective portions of the mind. This comprehensive process rapidly heals and then improves troubled thoughts, feelings & perceptions which facilitates emotional harmony & permanent healing. The elf-healing allows individuals to triumph over any form of abuse in a calm, peaceful manner. The process restores self-esteem, confidence & trust in other individuals. The procedure helps individuals with either current problems or abuse that occurred many years ago in the past.

Self-healing in inner awareness is not "talk" therapy that goes on & on for years without really getting to the root cause of discomfort. Talk therapy is "surface" therapy so it never fully removes all of the painful emotions buried deeply inside an individual. Self-healing in inner awarenss is the one procedure that finds and corrects all of a person's uncomfortable feelings, thoughts, and beliefs. Unquestionably, abuse & trauma must be completely healed. You improve when you go thru a comprehensive healing process that utilizes your subconscious mind. Only self-healing will quickly & thoroughly accomplish that goal. Individuals we have seen have endured many types of abuse- verbal, emotional, physical, controlling, deprivational and sexual. All too often this mistreatment comes from those who are supposed to love or care for us- parents, spouses, friends, teachers & neighbors. Much too often the abuser will be an individual suffering from an emotional, behavioral, psychological, sexual or mental disorder, or someone addicted to alcohol or drugs. Abuse may be heaped upon everyone in the family- a child, a teen, a spouse, or even a parent.

Besides obvious abuse, there are also other equally devastating behaviors which are not always perceived as being harmful. These are abusive relationship dynamics occurring in families that are emotionally dysfunctional. Family members are subjected to neglect, psychological manipulation, instilling fear, isolation, intimidation, financial restriction, over-disciplining children, being excessively controlling, & continually demanding perfection. Unfortunately some abuse of children is overlooked because it is seen as only "well disciplined" parenting. The ever worsening abuse can go on for years causing severe emotional & perceptual disturbances in all family members.

There is absolutely no excuse for abuse of any kind. No form of abuse should be accepted or tolerated. One type of abuse is not less damaging or painful than another. There is never any valid excuse for enduring abuse. Sometimes we see an individual who is still living with an abusive person. Any person who is currently in an abusive environment will be counseled on how to remove themselves from this environment, or depending on circumstances, will learn how to effectively change their circumstances at home. When appropriate, referrals will be made to women's shelters, abuse prevention services, or other helpful community organizations for temporary housing & social assistance.

(We realize that abuse may occur to both men & women but it is far more frequent in women's lives. We will therefore use the feminine "she" in our discussion of abuse.) Perhaps the most traumatic form of abuse is the violation of one's body by sexual assault or rape. Once a person suffers this horrendous event, the traumatic state she experienced can become locked in place physically & emotionally. The woman may experience continual obsessive thoughts and feelings of disgust and terror. The woman will continue to experience nightmares, feelings of guilt & being "dirty", flashbacks, troubling thoughts, emotional repression, & be unable to trust any men. She will attempt to avoid future attacks by social isolation and hypervigilence. She reacts to minor stress with anxiety, fear, and emotional overreaction. Her suffering may go on for years, and her personal relationships with men may be calamitous. Unfortunately, rape counseling and psychological therapy are sometimes not totally effective in eliminating the deep emotional effects of rape & sexual assault. Women go on suffering unnecessarily for years because the psychological therapy or rape counseling deals only with the feelings & thoughts in the conscious mind. To completely heal a person from trauma, the most effective method is to utilize the deep resources of the inner mind.

One of the greatest injuries that a person suffers is that they become a tormented victim of their past. Instead of suffering for years, & never being able to let go of the hurt, self-healing guides these patients through an extraordinary process of emotional & mental healing. Self-healing in inner awareness is highly effective in helping a man or woman recover from abuse, rape, emotional or physical trauma. We explain to each person that painful events in their lives consist of two separate elements- the memory itself and the painful emotion associated with the traumatic events. Using Self-healing we are able to "permanently" & completely cathart or dissolve away the painful emotion. Self-healing is specifically designed to remove the real causes of suffering- the thoughts, beliefs, & feelings buried deeply in the subconscious mind. Those who have suffered abuse or trauma eliminate the intense discomfort without reliving the old emotional pain. Once this is accomplished, the memories no longer produce anguish & torment. The memories will then recede from one's awareness over a relatively brief period of time.

Using Self-healing in inner awareness, the individual performs all of the healing work using the subconscious mind while the mind is in a state of deep tranquility & peacefulness. This method allows the person to resolve troubling feelings and thoughts without the individual again enduring all of the traumatic pain & emotional suffering from their past. Recovery from abuse & trauma is a multistep process. First, in Self-healing, the inner mind will discover & then dissolve away all the painful emotions, fears, and upsetting beliefs of their past abuse, or trauma. This process completely heals the inner personality by mentally & emotionally discarding all of the troubling elements of the past. The individual is actually able to feel the uncomfortable emotional energy dissipate from the body.

All of the personal discomfiture produced by abuse can be rectified in a surprisingly reasonable period of time. Individuals are able to make healing changes in their thoughts, feelings & perceptions. Each person will readily discard the hurt and troubled behaviors of the past, opening themselves up for personal transformation. They are able to find the good in present circumstances, feeling a positive enthusiasm about themselves, while beginning to enjoy life again. A person will be filled with inner strength, hope and confidence in the future, knowing that they are developing the inner ability to triumph over their trying circumstances. Prevailing over abuse is a very doable process with very high success.

Then with all of the disabling hurt removed, the individual's higher mind guides them in a process of replacing the negative impressions with truly affirmative thoughts, feelings & beliefs. One learns to experience & express joyful emotions, to build worthwhile interpersonal relationships, to develop new self-confidence & esteem, to develop positive perceptions of reality, to have feelings of personal worth, and to appreciate that their lives will now be meaningful & rewarding again. Self-healing in inner awareness helps individuals to quickly & completely triumph over their past abuse and trauma. The process is very rapid, highly effective & permanent. Then the individuals are finally free to go on happily with their lives with an enthusiasm and zest for life which allows them to discover all the joyful experiences they deserve.

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