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• Eliminate Depression, Anxiety, Panic and Worry

Depression and anxiety are not a medical disease, a chemical imbalance, or a mental illness. Anxiety, panic, depression, as well as constant worry, & persistent uncomfortable thoughts are the symptoms of intense emotional disharmony within an individual's subconscious mind. This disharmony is caused by uncomfortable feelings that we have continually pushed out of our conscious mind over an extended period of time, sometimes for years. When we continually disregard uncomfortable emotions, they become buried or repressed in the subconscious mind. Although we sometimes mistakenly believe that the passage of time has healed these feelings, they still exist & continue to cause inner turmoil & discomfort. Using Self-Healing In Inner Awareness the hidden or repressed emotions are located & then dissolved away which then heals the depression, anxiety, constant worry, & troubled thoughts.

How Anxiety & Depression Develop

Circumstances in life cause us to sometimes experience highly uncomfortable emotions. We might alsodevelop negative perceptions, attitudes & beliefs about ourselves. Our past may have been highly distressing & we were not able to cope satisfactorily. The image we have of ourselves as a person may have been diminished. Our present life may cause us to feel inadequate, or helpless, or circumstances may appear to be completely hopeless. To feel better & prevent emotional discomfort, the mind begins to ignore our troubled thoughts & feelings; we deny the existence of distressing perceptions & beliefs. We push all of these thoughts & emotions out of our minds. In order to avoid their pain, we bury them deeper & deeper until we are no longer consciously aware of their existence. We occupy our minds with numerous activities so we can disregard our deepest thoughts & feelings. We keep busy so we don't have time to re-experience or admit our feelings. We create busy schedules for ourselves so that we do not have to perceive our emotions. We prefer to feel only the happiest feelings or to feel nothing at all. We hope that we will not have to ever deal with any old emotional uneasiness. We attempt to always be "in control" which is another way of saying, we do not want to acknowledge or experience our emotions. So uncomfortable thoughts, perceptions, beliefs & emotions are put aside & we attempt to ignore them for many months or even for many years. Eventually, we delude ourselves and tell ourselves that enough time has gone by since our emotional discomfort began, and we are now "okay" with our old troubled feelings.

That's totally incorrect! Absolutely untrue! Feelings & thoughts that have been ignored & buried away are still there inside of us. The emotional energy our mind generates travels throughout the body until it is finally concentrated within our bodies at some location selected by the subconscious mind. The truth is that all of our feelings that have not been acknowledged or fully expressed are still buried in our bodies. Their energy remains inside of us & those feelings are always pushing up into our awareness, waiting to be expressed & dissolved away. Those feelings have their own momentum; they seek to be acknowledged & be given full expression. Your subconscious mind never lets you get away with denying your emotions. It causes more & more emotional unrest so that you will finally confront & deal with your emotions. The subconscious mind is continually pushing these deep feelings into your awareness so you will express them & discharge their energy. Instead of relieving that tension, the conscious mind is doing just the opposite -trying very hard to prevent unpleasant feelings from entering our conscious awareness. It exerts its own energy to keep your emotions bottled up. This conflict between the conscious & subconscious mind creates intense emotional distress. The details of that inner stress are known only to the subconscious mind. Since a person has denied the original emotions, the intense internal stress actually causes the development of even stronger emotions & symptoms. Depending on your past experiences & emotional makeup, you will develop either feelings of depression or anxiety, or you may experience constant worry with troubling thoughts that are difficult to shut off.

Healing Emotional Disharmony

Some individuals will attempt to restore their emotional harmony by devising mental, emotional & coping strategies to help prevent, or to "handle", anxiety, depression, panic & other troubling feelings. These techniques have limited success because they are utilizing only the conscious mind. Other individuals, prompted by misguided medical advice, will attempt to cut off their feelings by taking mind-numbing medications. The true issues and emotional disharmony however are still residing in the subconscious mind. Since a person's original emotions have been denied for prolonged periods of time, he or she will be unable to consciously find the true reasons for their anxiety, depression & troubling impressions. However, by using Self-Healing In Inner Awareness, you will discover the true cause of your turbulent emotions. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness allows you to uncover the deeply hidden thoughts, feelings, beliefs, or issues that unknowingly still exert a powerful negative impact on your life. With new insights and understanding, you will quickly dissolve away these troublesome thoughts, beliefs & feelings to "permanently" eliminate them from your life. Then Self-Healing In Inner Awareness will resolve any deep inner conflicts to bring about emotional balance, calm & tranquility. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness restores your natural emotional comfort, heightens your self-esteem, improves how you relate to others, & helps you deal confidently with life's circumstances. Most individuals are able to become completely free of their medications. You are able to restore your Mind, Feelings, & Spirit and experience a truly natural & calm demeanor. Using Self-Healing In Inner Awareness you will be able to resolve deep troublesome feelings & resultant emotional states like obsessive thoughts, anxiety, panic, worry, depression, insecurity, shyness, postpartum depression, giving up on life, disturbing memories, abusive or traumatic experiences, grief, unhappiness, food cravings, guilt, anger, loneliness, and much more.

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