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• Healing: Loss of A Loved One

The death of a loved one will leave us with intense feelings of loss & sorrow, disbelief, and often profound shock. The feelings may be so powerful that we wonder if we can ever go on without our loved one. Our mind may be difficult to calm down as we are filled with fears, doubts, & troubling images. We may have the sensation that we are never going to feel better again. We doubt if we will ever get through the initial grieving process; it seems to go on and on without any improvement. We are so overwhelmed that we question our ability to live a normal life again. An untimely loss may leave us with unfinished business with the person we love. We may even have frightening dreams, be unable to sleep properly, or feel intense anxiety during the day. One can experience feelings of unfulfilled longing. Life may be filled with fear, uncertainty, fluctuating emotions, anxiety & dread.

Self-healing in inner awareness allows you to heal the feelings, thoughts, and uncertainties associated with the death of your loved one. It is even effective when the feelings seem to be too intense to tolerate. Self-healing works well if your mind just won't quiet down, or if you cannot sleep or remain calm. Self-healing also permits you to deeply & meaningfully express your feelings about the person who has crossed over. Self-healing allows you to go through the natural grieving process with far less emotional pain and anxiety. It helps you gets you more comfortably through the different phases of your recovery. You are able to fully understand your circumstances and deal with all of your emotions. You will be able to absolve all the people, things, or circumstances that you might blame for the deep loss in your life. Self-healing in inner awareness also has a very important spiritual component. Self-healing helps you mentally & emotionally to resolve unfinished business with the person you lost. You are able to spiritually conclude the earthly physical relationship, while at the same time, continuing the deep love & eternal relationship with the person you have lost. Spiritually, you understand your loss from a comprehensive life perspective, and understand how a tragic event has meaning regarding the spiritual elements of your soul. By knowing & developing these spiritual insights, & by resolving the emotions related to this difficult event in your life you are able to truly heal the loss, and then have the ability to continue with your life with this person continually in your heart.

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