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The Introduction contains a highly informative summary of the many applications & subject areas of Self-Healing In Inner Awareness.

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Not too long ago a young woman sent the doctor a lovely greeting card with the inscription: "To my favorite Doc- you have helped me more than I ever imagined. Thank you for being there for me." These kind words of appreciation were typical of many of our patients. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness often achieves far more improvement than they ever dared to anticipate.

This is an exciting time in the history of Self-Healing because it has been developed to a very high level of effectiveness. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness was developed by the doctor after a number of years of original inner-mind research, and the treatment of many individuals with various emotional, mental, and physical difficulties and disorders. Dr. Kearney is convinced that this unique method of healing is the most effective and most comfortable method of self-healing available today. You will be able to change, improve, & heal in ways that you never imagined possible. Self-Healing In Inner Awareness helps each person to heal their troubled feelings, thoughts, memories & beliefs so that they can restore their physical health & wellness, their emotional balance & harmony, their mental well-being, and their inner spirit & zest for life. Self-healing with deep relaxation techniques is a comprehensive way of improving motivation, mental attitudes, physical abilities, self-image, personal character, behavior, and even one's basic temperament.

Besides this home page & the introduction, there are eight comprehensive sections to this web site that currently contain forty-five articles. Begin with the Introduction which contains a brief but highly informative summary of the many applications & subject areas of self-healing. Some articles such as those on stress, understanding “dis-ease”, extraordinary healing, components of cancer, and confronting cancer are quite thorough & lengthy because there is so much to understand about the underlying nature of these difficulties & the comprehensive process of healing. Some articles may completely surprise you by the information contained within. Each contains the basic information you need to understand how you can transform the difficulties your life. Just click on any article you wish to read.

Enjoy the entire web site. Everything you need to know about advanced Self-Healing In Inner Awareness is discussed. Review those articles pertaining to the specific issues, difficulties, or problems for which you wish to visit the doctor.

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